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In case you’re looking for an attorney in New York begin using the New York State Bar Association. What is a State Bar Association? A State Bar Association is an association that approves attorneys to engage in law in each state. Usually, lawyers will take a bar examination that examines their legal understanding. Upon passing the examination the attorney is allowed to engage in law in the state. This screening process is good for the general public as you know you will be dealing with an attorney who is certified. State Bar Associations have online directories of attorneys and so if you’re looking for an attorney you may want to go the state bar website. Here is the website for the New York Bar Association.

Finding a Lawyer with the State Bar Association Website
To use the state bar organization website to find an attorney click on the “For the Public” tab. This opens up a directory of lawyers in New York. One of the problems in using a State Bar Association website to find an attorney is that it can be time consuming. The website is often used for other purposes such as connecting to attorneys, doing public relations and marketing to the general public. So you may have to do some browsing and spend sometime looking through the site.

How to use the State Bar Association Website to Find a Legal representative
Discover the state bar association website.
Locate the section that pertains to the general public.
Look for a directory of lawyers. You will want to look for lawyers by place and by specialized.
Once you find a lawyer that is close to you or in the area you want, find their phone number.
Call the lawyer. You will typically get someone to address your call quickly. Lawyers use the phone a lot and typically an assistant will answer your call quickly. In the rare cases where you go to voicemail the attorney will typically get back to you in the same day.
Tell the lawyer your name and your problem. Ask them if they can help or if this is the type of scenario they handle.
The attorney will be able to make a decision with 60 seconds or less. In some cases the lawyer will want to speak with you in person first before deciding to take you as a client. This first consultation or meeting may be at no charge to you. This is because the attorney is using this time to figure out if they can help you or not.
Yellow Pages and Bill Boards
We’ve all seen telephone directory ads for lawyers. If you go to back of almost any phone book you’ll see an ad for a lawyer. We’ve called these ads before. Once we’ve discussed our specific case which is very small and not much money we get sent away. Another place we often see marketing for lawyers is on bill boards. We’ve all seen 1-800 Divorce type advertising. Generally lawyers who market in this manner are high volume lawyers who offer a fixed price for specific types of cases such as divorce. You’ll simply call the number.

Discovering a Lawyer with
If you’re looking for a lawyer or want to find an attorney to ask legal questions, go to What is is an internet site to help you find a lawyer and get legal advice. Your other options to find a lawyer are the directory or go to the state bar association internet sites. Go to the bottom of this page to locate the web sites for lawyers in New York, New York and Florida. But we believe is faster and easier to find an attorney. We’ve utilized it for work matters and traffic tickets.

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What types of legal subjects will lawyers on Avvo answer?
Here is a partial list below. But you’ll want to go to the website to see if your inquiry is covered.

Child custody
Child support
Criminal defense
Medical malpractice
Personal injury
Real estate
Traffic tickets
Wills and estates