Finding an Attorney


How do you find an attorney that’s just right for you?

If you want to find an attorney, there are a few ways to find one that’s just right for you. Legal services are services or products like anything else you buy. You’l want to do some shopping and find a legal professional that meets your needs. Fortunately, finding just the right legal representation for you is easier than ever before.

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  • Contact the state bar association and explain the type of attorney you’re looking for.
  • Yellow Pages
  • Online search using Google or Bing for “lawyers near me”
  • Online communities of attorneys who will answer some of your questions online for free before you hire them

State Bar Associations

Attorneys generally belong to an association in the state they practice. This association is known as a “Bar.” To practice law in the state the attorney takes an legal exam after graduating from law school. The exam is administered by the State Bar Association. State Bar Associations have full time people who support the work of the association. It’s easy to contact the state bar or go to their website. In the website you’ll find a list of attorneys and their area of practice. If you cannot find what you need on the website you can call the state bar, explain the type of attorney you need and the bar will generally recommend someone to you. Sometimes the bar will send you list of attorneys in the mail.

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages or the “directory” are not a bad place to look for a lawyer. You’ll normally find a lawyer on the back cover of the yellow pages. But you will want to look up attorneys or lawyer in your local phone directory. You should select the attorney that most closely services the issue or situation that you have. This will save you and the attorney some time. You may be able to speak to an attorney for five minutes or less to explain your situation. This will generally be a free service. The attorney needs this conversation to decide whether or not to provide you legal advice or refer you to someone else. And so this conversation will be at no charge.

Google or Bing search for “attorneys near me”

Google or Bing searches are always good things to use to locate a lawyer. You can simply input “find an attorney near me” and you’ll see attorneys who practice law in your area. You will need to look at their websites and locate the lawyer that most closely matches your situation. If you have a need for an immigration attorney, for example, you will want a lawyer who works in this area.

Online communities of attorneys

Another place to find attorneys is to use online communities or directories of legal professionals. There are quite a few of these. Some of them are and others that follow below.