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Searching for a lawyer can be time consuming. We do not hire attorneys often. Also we don’t normally ask friends or relatives for help with legal matters. So we don’t ask for recommendations for legal representatives. Fortunately the legal world has changed a lot and there are some online sites to find attorneys. We’ve used these every year or so and we like the attorney’s we’ve been able to hire online. Here’s more about how to do an attorney search.

Court house

Locating an Attorney with

If you’re looking for an attorney or want to find a legal representative to ask legal concerns, go to What is Avvo is a website to help you find an attorney and get legal recommendations. Your other choices to locate an attorney are the yellow pages or go to the state bar association websites. Go to the bottom of this page to locate the websites for attorneys in California, New York and Florida. But we think is faster and easier to discover a lawyer. We’ve used it for employment matters and traffic tickets.

What types of legal topics will lawyers on answer?

Here is a partial list below. But you’ll want to go to the site to see if your question is covered.

Insolvency and debt
Child custody
Child support
Criminal defense
Family law
Medical malpractice
Personal injury
Real estate
Traffic tickets
Wills and estates

Free Replies from Adventure Attorneys

What’s great about is that you can post a concern in the site and get a free answer back. The answers are provided by experienced attorneys. You’ll be able to read the answer and see if this is the type of advice that you’re looking for. Get free legal suggestions from knowledgeable lawyers.

Find an Attorney

To locate an attorney in you should look through the site. You will want to look for lawyers that practice where you live or where your legal question pertains. For example, if you have an employment question the company you work for is located in California you may want to select an attorney in California. Here is more information on selecting an attorney.


To locate an attorney you can look by area or specialty. For example, if you’re looking for an attorney in California, Michigan, Florida, Georgia or New York you can select the state. This is generally a good idea to pick the state where your legal question pertains. For example, if you have a speeding ticket in Philadelphia you will want to hire a lawyer who practices in that state and city.


Lawyers typically specialize in specific areas. Some attorneys will work outside their main area but you really want someone who specializes in your area.

Read Reviews of Attorneys

Former clients of attorneys will compose reviews of their experiences. This is very helpful in understanding the level and type of service the attorney provides. A lot of testimonials will be positive and that’s understandable. Lawyers have a chance to review and approve the review before it is posted online. Nevertheless, if you see many favorable reviews you will know that the lawyer is trending positive and giving good service to their clients. If you see few testimonials then you will know that you may need to avoid the attorney or simply ask the lawyer why there are so few reviews?

Read Reviews of Attorneys

State Bar Association Website

Yellow Pages

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