Finding Legal Advice

Where can you get some legal help quickly? Avvo.

One place to get legal advice with no pressure is So what is Avvo? Avvo is a directory of attorneys in the United States. Lawyers pay a fee to join Avvo. In return Avvo advertises for the attorneys. What’s more is that is also an online forum or a place where you can ask legal questions for free. Why is this free? Attorneys need clients and so lawyers find your questions online and answer them. This gives the lawyer an opportunity to show their expertise. You get free legal help. You also have an opportunity to hire the attorney if you want to. Here is how it works.

    1. Go to
    2. Find the Avvo Advisor
    3. You will see this screen below.

free legal advice

    1. Explain your situation. Be sure to not include personal names or confidential information. Just give a brief description of your problem.
    2. For example, if you’re getting fired or getting divorced write “I’m about to be fired. What are my rights?” “I’m getting a divorce. What are some things that I need to consider?”
    3. An attorney in Avvo will generally get back to you and answer your question in a day or less. Sometimes you’ll get an answer in 30 minutes.